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Admin and Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and do documents for the foundation
  • Coordinate with participants for a meeting, schedule a meeting, prepare the venue, and take minute of meeting for both internal and external meetings.
  • Oversee the completeness of the coordinating with venue.
  • Support CEO’s work and other team members consisting of organizational management documents, procurement documents, meeting appoitment, giving appropriate foundation’s information, and organize activities.
  • Communicate and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders for any foundation’s operations


  • Have or be interested in management
  • Be organized
  • Have or want to improve communication and coordination skills
  • Be able to handel multiple tasks in the same time
  • Have self-motivation to do your job

What will you get

  • Develop your management skill
  • Be able to design an activity with certain objectives
  • Opportunity to make a change for Thai education
  • Knowledge and skills from diverse-background people
  • New good-minded friends, sisters, and brothers who are willing to help the society to be better