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Crowdfunding / Team Leader

Job Responsibilities

  • Outline strategies to present/communicate Saturday School’s values to the public.
  • Research similar organisation’s mechanics and donors databases, to design and plan strategically.
  • Create works/content that is able to bring out Saturday School’s value.
  • Analyse results from each works/content’s release for future development.
  • Lead the team with heart, towards the common goal.
  • Coordinated with related teams to real the Crowdfunding goal, without impacting other teams’ tasks/work


  • Have a background in PR, Marketing, Sales, or Data Analysis.
  • Enthusiastic, with strong desire to pass along good things for others in society.
  • Able to share experiences, ideas, and opinions with the team.
  • Want to develop your own leadership skills.
  • Have an Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Able to work well alongside different, diverse people

What will you get

  • Able to bring knowledge and expertise to a new area which might not align with your porfession, while gaining new skills.
  •  Sharing the opportunity for everyone to participate in the education movement.
  • Sharing knowledge with diverse people with diverse expertise.
  • Meet new friends, new social groups, by doing something good together.
  • Develop leadership skills in a flexible environment