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Foundation Team

Our home has the crucial role to strengthen the Saturday School foundation with the power of every volunteer who have helped improved the foundation’s system and structure.

“Saturday School Foundation took me out off comfort zone and brought me to the volunteer activities. On every Saturday I was surrounded with smile, laughter, and happiness. I’ve realized my personal worth and what really brings me happiness. Being a volunteer is not just about giving; we’ve received plenty of positive energy from every class as well.”

Thanyarat Thongnoo (Yiu)

Foundation Back office Team

“Being a part of Saturday School is not only about taking part in social and educational development, but also being able to improve ourselves and learning new skills. Saturday School is a very open space that encourages all volunteers to try new ideas, think outside the box, and do trial and error together.”

Jakkrit Puchongprawet (Ball)

Foundation Back office Team