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Joining Saturday School internship is like opening yourself to new opportunities to learn. You will utilize your skills in a variety of tasks and will never have the fear of making mistakes. We not only accept volunteer teachers but we have many projects that are open for you to become a part of.

“Joining Saturday School internship has opened several new aspects of work. I have opportunities to practice many skills that after the internship I feel I become a new person. I cannot describe it in one word. You should try once yourself.”

Pasith Thanyapisassak (Champ)

Intern team

“There are many skills that are crucial to today’s world that aren’t taught in classrooms. All students should have the opportunities to discover their potential and to do what they love. I’m very glad that the Saturday School Foundation has the space that pushes the students towards their goals.”

Nayada Tantichirasakul (Candy)

Intern team

Find new value in you, together !