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Saturday Film

brings children opportunities to develop and explore media information and digital literacy through the camping program which promotes children’s ability to convey stories through different kinds of media such as images or movies.

“Moreover, Saturday Film is a place where I could learn. I had the chance to try what I haven’t and experiment without having to be too worried about the results. More importantly, I have met so many good friends from this project, people from different fields of expertise, which really opened me to new knowledge and perspectives.”

Thachaporn Marom (Bambam)
Saturday Film Documentary Team

“More than listening,

is to understand”

Bharerat Kumdaj (Jan)

Saturday Film Radio Team

“Taking part in Saturday Film volunteer work has opened the door to new experiences and given me the opportunity to work in the field I’m interested in.”

Nichakarn Voranunsiri (Jee) Saturday Film VDO Team

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