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Saturday School Unbox

Passing knowledge to students through creative learning box which allows students to learn without having to come meet their mentor volunteer. The volunteers could still teach, advise or share knowledge to their students through various available contact platforms.

“I feel really proud of myself for taking part in making this project happen, creating positive impact and building good, long-term mindsets for students.”

Kotchakorn Rattanachayabun (Yammy)

SS Unbox Project Manager

“A great project which developed through concentrated brainstroming with project based learning concept. I believe that it will benefit students, volunteers and Thai education.”

Termsak Tangsutthikul (Term)

SS Unbox Group Advisor team

“I’m glad to have taken part in designing activities for students, and I really admire their determination. The students might think we were doing this as teachers, but they are also our teachers. They have inspired me and other staffs to start improving ourselves as well.”

Pawan Wirawarn (Aey)

SS Unbox Workshop Team

“I think “opportunity” is the keyword for this project. It is the opportunity for both students and teacher volunteers to learn together, to think, act and exchange knowledge that is outside of school curriculum.”

Thitinan Prachumwong (Nun)

SS Unbox Group Advisor Team

“I would like to thank the students for their determination and cooperation that really drove this project towards success. I really hope that this learning model will become a development tool in the future.”

Pinya Poakaba (Pam)

SS Unbox FB Group Management Team


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